the idea lurking behind touch me is to put together a really tight zine every month that interests us and hopefully most of our subscribers. we personally dabble in street art, photography, visual arts and illegal installations but we also write and interview. sometimes we beatbox when drunk and we are also available for parties and corporate functions. right.

the entire juggernaut (*cough*) that is touch me is run as a purely voluntary project - our own love of art, interesting people and the things that they do, the images they share and ideas they have is what fuels the zine. we envision touch me as a platform for wonderful things - guided by sharing. we also love to think outside the (in)box - and while we're not always successful - there's something entirely electric about stumbling upon the right combination.

what we publish is pretty eclectic and rough - we (almost) don't edit submissions and spelling and grammar are of little to no consequence. while we encourage submissions connected to each issue's theme, we love getting things that are totally disconnected. mostly, we publish text and images (or some combination) but we're also keen for video clips, sound, flash based animation, links - whatever media format you work with!

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