there's a certain sparkle in people's eyes when we mention that this is the sex issue - and why not? it's something that happens all the time (well, at least for some of us) and you're going to be blown away by what our contributors have to say ; if you're wondering about the delay ... fuck you (love, touch me)

growing up in a sexually conservative household, within a sexually conservative jewish community – i’ve always really enjoyed reading other’s sexual fantasies ...

I’ve used a Mac my whole life, but for about a year or so, I found myself stuck with an old PC. Its only redeeming feature was Microsoft Paint ...

morganna magee ; showgirls

Introductory Sexology 101 – Revenge of the Outlier ; One of the units I used to teach at university is a unit called Research Methods 215. In this unit I instructed virtually all the tutorials/laboratories, and fill in occasionally for the lecturer as well ...

Fuck you. The sex issue. Foreign Correspondent hey ...

JAP DIARIES ; They say that Jews fool around with non-Jews, they “practice” til perfect, but when it comes down to it, most of them will end up with a Jew ...

Tale of a Disappeared Girl (part III) ; I don’t know where she is. Days passed. Then weeks. Life for Skeff became somewhat ‘normal’. If you peered through a giant telescope that was positioned on the moon ...

this slim novel promised some interesting reading. it came with no reviews on the back cover and no gushing recommendations on the inside ...

this issues' lovely contributors...

all images from filippo mutani's avenida of angels set:

this is a story about the transvestites community that lives around avenida pachacutec, in the cono sur of lima, the poorest and most dangerous area of town. this reportage has been shot thanks to and in support of cesvi, the italian ong working in this area since many years.

in order:
Bardo, 21 yo, Lima, march 07 
Claudia in avenida Pachacutec, Lima, march 07
Karen, 24yo, Lima, march 07
Bardo, 21 yo, Lima, march 07
Marcia, 27yo, Lima, march 07
Lima, march 07
Mario, 24yo, and Harry, 27yo, Lima, march 07
Alexis, 25yo, Lima, march 07
The cono sur of Lima, march 07
Alam, 23 yo, in his kitchen, Lima, march 07
Daniela, 20yo, in avenida Pachacutec, Lima, march 07
Alam, 23yo, Lima, march 07

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